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Our people believe Insight is a special place to build a career. Insight team members are self-motivated, independent thinkers seeking the next industry-changing technology and the best ways to unlock value for executive teams.

Like our portfolio companies, people fuel our growth and shape our unique culture. We recruit team members that embody our core values: a hunger to win, doing the right thing,  thinking outside the box, scrappiness to do more with less, and the commitment to continuous reinvention. At Insight, these values represent our DNA, they imbue our actions, and drive our success.

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Insight Values

  • Hunger to win

    Hunger to win

    Relentlessness in the pursuit of excellence

  • Heart


    Doing the right thing

  • Creative


    Thinking outside the box

  • Scrappy


    High autonomy and low hierarchy

  • Reinvention


    Continuously finding ways to excel

Ryan Hinkle
I stumbled into Insight as a summer analyst. I joined with no expectation of being here more than a summer. I had a hope to potentially be here longer, but even if I joined full-time, I had no expectation of being here more than the two-year analyst period. Here we are nearly 15 years later, and I bleed Insight orange and couldn’t be prouder of what we built together over those 15 years. Ryan Hinkle, Managing Director @ Insight Partners