Webinar: Mastering Your Pricing Strategy as Your Company Scales


Price underpins so many strategic decisions and it's important that businesses have a strategy that is responsive, built on feedback and data from customers, and scaled up as the company grows.

During this webinar, James Wood, VP of Pricing Strategy at Insight Partners will share the following:

  • Some principles, tactics and theory on how to develop a differentiated pricing strategy
    • How to use packaging of features and products to optimize for cross-sell
    • How to develop your price model and metric to optimize your up-sell path
  • How to adapt your pricing to challenges of scale as your company grows
    • Pricing for the Enterprise market
    • Differentiating pricing across regions
    • How to ensure pricing is properly executed through a sales force

To learn more about strategic pricing, make sure to read his blog article, Pricing for Growth: Top To-Do's as Companies Scale-Up.

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