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Scale Up

Insight’s portfolio gets a taste of the sweet life at RSA with ScaleUp Suite, Sugarhill Gang, and Sugar Ray

Nikki Parker | 2 min. read

This year, another kind of event took center stage at the 2023 RSA Conference: the Insight Partners’ ScaleUp Suite!

RSA is the biggest cybersecurity conference in the world. This annual event brings together leading cybersecurity companies, experts, and enthusiasts to share their latest innovations, network, and learn from each other.

Stepping up to support our portfolio

For cybersecurity companies, the RSA Conference is an opportunity to showcase products, services, and solutions to a global audience. It’s their best chance to engage with prospects, partners, and customers, share insights, and learn from industry peers. With the increasing number of cybersecurity threats, the conference also provides a platform to discuss emerging trends and technologies to counter such threats.

Join us: Unpacking RSA 2023

Steve Ward, MD at Insight Partners and Betsy Wille, Former CISO at Abbott host this dynamic webinar where they’ll delve into the hot topics and key takeaways from RSA 2023.

With more than 80 cybersecurity companies in the Insight portfolio, we wanted to take our support of them to the next level by providing them with a beautiful meeting space a short walk from the conference center. This space allowed them to meet with prospects, get work done, and take a break from the conference showroom floor. As a result, Insight’s portfolio companies were able to maximize their presence at RSA and benefit from the collective value Insight and our portfolio brings when we work together.

Insight’s portfolio companies were able to maximize their presence at RSA and benefit from the collective value Insight and our portfolio brings when we work together

Insight’s RSA by the numbers

  • 28 portfolio partners joined the ScaleUp Suite
  • 25 portfolio partners leveraged meeting space for executive meetings and elevated branding
  • 40+ portfolio companies had booths at RSA this year
  • 130+ meetings booked across four days
  • 70+ enterprise introductions facilitated
  • 8 enterprises who took 5+ portfolio company meetings
  • 80+ VIPs joined Cyber@Scale’s CISO panel and keynote from the former ambassador to Russia
  • 1,000+ people joined the party at the ScaleUp Club
  • 3 rap battle contestants duked it out with the Sugarhill Gang
  • 10 classic hits belted out by Sugar Ray
  • 8 portfolio companies have already verbally committed to partnership for 2024!

ScaleUp Suite: Comfortable, upscale meeting space for our portfolio partners

Insight Partners’ ScaleUp Suite provided a range of amenities, including meeting space, an outdoor lounge area soaked in the Californian sun, and a stocked snack bar. This activation created a relaxed and comfortable environment where portfolio companies could meet with potential clients and partners in a professional setting.

High-powered relationship building

Insight’s enterprise business development arm, Insight IGNITE, was also on site, meeting with our global network of CISOs, swapping insights on the industry, and actionable innovations they were seeing at the conference. This provided portfolio companies in the suite the chance to build relationships, generate leads, and grow their businesses through IGNITE.

C-suite insights and thought-provoking conversations

Insight also hosted two exciting events during the conference, which were a huge hit with the attendees.

The first event, co-hosted with Diligent, the leading modern governance provider, was a VIP CEO and CISO panel on Tuesday night featuring the CISO of Bank of America and the CTO of Raytheon. The panel delved into how they operate with their leadership team and their board for success, how they stay on top of risk management while also seeking out opportunity sets for their large organizations. The panel also shared a thought-provoking look into the cybersecurity industry’s challenges and opportunities as ScaleUps and enterprises continue to collaborate.

Following the panel, the audience was treated to an engaging talk by Michael McFaul, former ambassador to Russia. McFaul provided key insights into what is going on across the global geopolitical climate and how it impacts the cybersecurity sector. The evening ended with cocktails, where attendees had the opportunity to debate key topics discussed throughout the event.

A sugar-sweet end to RSA

The second event, held on Wednesday night, was the ScaleUp Club party, which attracted over 1,000 attendees. The party was the place to be, with attendees dancing to the tunes of Sugar Ray and the Sugarhill Gang and enjoying a night of great food, fantastic networking, and good old-fashioned conference fun.

Thank you to our RSA portfolio partners

Adaptive Shield, Bionic, Brinqa, Calamu, Dazz, Detectify, DNS Filter, DoControl, Island, Keyfactor, Pentera, Perimeter 81, PlexTrac, Prelude, Privado, Semperis, Slim.ai, Tailscale, Torq, Transmit, Veriti, Wiz, deepfactor, Reco