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Scale Up

ScaleUp:CEO – A SaaS Leader’s Guide to Entering a New Market or Segment

Jun 18, 2024 2:00 pm - Jun 18, 2024 2:45 pm ET

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You’ve achieved product-market-fit – congrats! Entering the growth stage of your ScaleUp means facing a new set of challenges critical for growth and scale. One of the most significant decisions you will likely face is entering a new market or segment. 

Join us this June as our GTM experts share their step-by-step guide on entering a new market or segment and discuss the essential elements to evaluate and adjust, including: 

  • Market Intelligence: Understand the competitive landscape and customer evolution. 
  • Customer Intelligence: Explore customer needs and behaviors across different segments. 
  • Messaging and Positioning: Tailor your communication to resonate in new markets. 
  • Sales, Product, and Marketing Strategies: Sync your go-to-market strategies with market needs. 
  • Demand Generation: Implement tactics to generate demand and build a strong lead pipeline. 

During the webinar, the speakers will walk you through addressing which components of your business are most impacted when expanding into new horizons with the Growth Acceleration Framework in hand.  

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Meet the Panelists:
Pablo Dominguez

Operating Partner

Travis Kassay

Operating Partner