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Bias in AI

1 min. read

Explore the discussion on bias in AI, diversity in tech teams, and the role of data in AI systems, featuring insights from Maxim Serebryakov CEO of Sanas, Krishna Gade CEO of Fiddler, and Dr. Brienne Adams an Assistant Professor of African American Studies at Georgetown University, led by George Mathew, Managing Director at Insight Partners.

Key Take-aways:

  • AI’s amplification of existing societal bias can be tackled through careful data curation, model validation, and monitoring.
  • Diversity in tech teams and in the data is crucial in mitigating bias in AI systems.
  • Ethical AI, which includes addressing and mitigating bias, is essential not only for societal reasons but also for business reasons.
  • Bias in AI can be unconscious or intentional, and it is important to consider who is not being thought of when designing AI systems.
  • Open source AI models and tools can help in democratizing model building and reducing bias.
Meet the Panelists:
George Mathew

Managing Director, Insight Partners

Brienne Adams

Assistant Professor, Georgetown

Krishna Gade

CEO & Founder, Fiddler AI

Maxim Serebryakov

CEO, Sanas AI