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Investor’s POV: Insight’s 2024 Tech Predictions

1 min. read

Insight Partners’ Managing Directors Ryan Hinkle and Hilary Gosher share an insider’s view into the 2024 trends that have our investors buzzing. 

During the fireside chat, our leaders distill the top predictions from their peers at Insight, including what excites them most, potential challenges, and advice for founders as they navigate the new year. 

From the continued evolution of AI to emerging trends flying under the radar, this session is a deep dive into the future of SaaS.

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Check out the key points we covered

AI experimentation and “productization”  arrow-orange-45
Driving customer value with AI  arrow-orange-45
Combatting AI risk with AI arrow-orange-45
Returning to normalcy in 2024 arrow-orange-45
The world of private equity in 2024 arrow-orange-45
M&A in 2024 arrow-orange-45
Board meetings and preparing for the new year   arrow-orange-45
Advice for founders in 2024  arrow-orange-45
Anticipating the next IPO window  arrow-orange-45
Investment strategy and the betterment of society  arrow-orange-45
Meet the Panelists:
Hilary Gosher

Managing Director, Insight Partners

Ryan Hinkle

Managing Director, Insight Partners