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Investor’s POV: Insight’s 2024 Tech Predictions [Dec 07, 2023 1pm ET]

November 15, 2023

This December, join us for an insider’s view into the 2024 trends that have our investors buzzing.

During the fireside chat, Managing Directors Ryan Hinkle and Hilary Gosher will distill the top predictions from their peers at Insight, including what excites them most, potential challenges, and advice for founders as they navigate the new year.

From the continued evolution of AI to emerging trends flying under the radar, this session will be a deep dive into the future of SaaS. Tune in to hear:

  • 2024 Tech Trends: Which themes will dominate the tech industry in the coming year, and how might this impact investment opportunities?
  • AI Beyond 2023: Will the AI hype cycle persist into 2024, and how is the conversation surrounding AI poised to evolve?
  • Unexplored Territories: Which overlooked topics should be on every investor’s radar?
  • Founders’ Challenges: What hurdles will founders face in 2024?
  • Good Things to Come: What are our investors most excited about in the new year?

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Meet the Panelists:

Hilary Gosher
Managing Director, Insight Partners


Ryan Hinkle
Managing Director, Insight Partners




Investor's POV: Insight's 2024 Tech Predictions

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