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Investor’s POV: How to Prepare for and Run Better Board Meetings

1 min. read

What are the “dos” and “don’ts” of an effective board meeting?  Managing Directors Dionne Chingkoe, Krishnan Sastry, and Byron Lichtenstein have attended dozens of board meetings and are ready to share their top insights and advice for founders and CEOs.   


Check out the key points we covered

Why do we even have board meetings? arrow-orange-45
What are the “do’s” of a board meeting? arrow-orange-45
What are the “don’ts” of a board meeting?   arrow-orange-45
How do you break bad news to the board, and how do you position the “now what”? arrow-orange-45
How do you set the right agenda, and what should you include in the deck?   arrow-orange-45
How should you think about how the content and frequency of board meetings change as you scale up? arrow-orange-45
How long should a board meeting be? arrow-orange-45
What are the key considerations when adding an independent board member?   arrow-orange-45
How do you think about best leveraging the unique relationship you have with each board member? arrow-orange-45
How should a CEO think about which members of their executive team to include, and how should CEOs think about the relationships between board members and those execs? arrow-orange-45
How can you best prepare your executive team for board meetings? arrow-orange-45
How do you break news to your company after a board meeting?  arrow-orange-45
Meet the Panelists:
Dionne Chingkoe

Managing Director, Insight Partners

Krishnan Sastry

Managing Director, Insight Partners

Byron Lichtenstein

Managing Director, Insight Partners