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Investor’s POV: What founders need to know about responsible AI

September 13, 2023



Join us this September for a thought-provoking webinar, “Investor’s POV: What founders need to know about responsible AI,” hosted by Insight Partners (REGISTER HERE).

In this session, we’ll delve into the world of responsible AI alongside Managing Directors George Mathew and Nikhil Sachdev and Deputy General Counsel John Weinstein with moderation by VP Jenna Zerker.

Gain valuable insights into the critical aspects of responsible AI, including:

Defining Responsible AI: Understand the scope of responsible AI, and why it matters in today’s technological landscape.

Regulatory Landscape: Learn about the processes being established to ensure ethical and accountable AI deployment, including key policy developments across different geographies.

Emerging Horizontal Solutions: Discover cutting-edge solutions designed to foster responsible AI practices across various industries.

Responsible AI and ML Ops / LLMs Ops Platforms: Understand how the responsible AI ecosystem is developing in tandem with the ML Ops and LLM Ops platforms.

Preparing for Regulation as a Founder/AI Tech Leader: Hear advice on what founders should be considering now to navigate the impending wave of AI regulations. Gain actionable strategies to future-proof your AI-driven initiatives.

Whether you’re a seasoned AI professional or just beginning your AI journey, join Insight Partners to gain unparalleled insights from industry pioneers and approach responsible AI, responsibly.



Meet the Panelists:


George Mathew
Managing Director, Insight Partners


Nikhil Sachdev
Managing Director, Insight Partners


John Weinstein
Deputy General Counsel Insight Partners


Jenna Zerker (Moderator)
VP, Insight Partners

Investor’s POV: What founders need to know about responsible AI

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