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Investor’s POV: What founders need to know about responsible AI

1 min. read

Building on our recent conversations about AI governance and responsible use, Insight Partners digs deeper into these topics with Managing Directors George Mathew and Nikhil Sachdev and Deputy General Counsel John Weinstein with moderation by VP Jenna Zerker.


Check out the key points we covered

Setting the stage - How do we define responsible AI? arrow-orange-45
Overview of the regulatory environment - What global policies should founders focus on concerning responsible AI? arrow-orange-45
Navigating the forthcoming regulation - How is the tech industry reacting, and what kinds of emerging governance solutions should founders be aware of? arrow-orange-45
The evolving ML Ops and LLM Ops stack - How is the ML ops and LLM ops ecosystem developing in relation to new AI governance tools? arrow-orange-45
Responsible AI tooling - What categories within the emerging AI governance stack are our investors excited about, and which are most likely to become enduring, standalone businesses? arrow-orange-45
Preparing for the future - What should founders do today to prepare for this wave of potential regulation and ensure they're deploying AI responsibly? arrow-orange-45
Staying up-to-date - How can founders and other leaders stay abreast of new information given the complexity of the regulatory space? arrow-orange-45
Incumbents & competition - What prevents incumbent AI providers and GRC platforms from launching next-gen governance products? How should we think about differentiation and long-term durability in this market? arrow-orange-45
Ethics in RLHF - How can companies select a workforce for reinforcement learning that minimizes regional and cultural biases? arrow-orange-45
Meet the Panelists:

George Mathew

Managing Director, Insight Partners

Nikhil Sachdev

Managing Director, Insight Partners

John Weinstein

Deputy General Counsel Insight Partners

Jenna Zerker (Moderator)

VP, Insight Partners