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Scale Up

A blueprint for business growth: Insight Partners’ Growth Acceleration Framework

Travis Kassay, Pablo Dominguez | October 20, 2023 | 2 min. read
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A significant challenge facing many CEOs and founders is that there really isn’t a documented blueprint for success. They know all of the necessary parts (product, sales, marketing, customer success, HR, finance, IT, etc), and they have a vision of what their company will become, but without that step-by-step guide, their dream may not be nearly as successful as their vision. Without prior experience or guidance, their company might not have a stable foundation or the right supporting structure to build on. And it’s not just an early stage startup concern when a company is first launched — this same challenge surfaces over and over throughout the lifecycle of a company as they launch new products, enter new segments, or expand into new markets.

Introducing the Growth Acceleration Framework

Over the past 25 years, Insight Partners has been helping our portfolio companies successfully grow and expand. We codified our knowledge and built the Gr Acceleration Framework, which provides that blueprint for success. This framework was recently presented at Insight’s DRIVE event for our portfolio go-to-market leaders by Pablo Dominguez, who leads the advisory function for Insight.

“Alignment across go-to-market is the key to building a thriving business. We are excited to release our Growth Acceleration Framework, incorporating execution elements across product, technology, marketing, sales, and customer success. If any element of the framework is unstable, it impacts all of the other elements. So by evaluating and using our best practices, workshops, and engagements across the framework, you can ensure that your business is stable, secure, and ready to meet your revenue and profitability objectives.”

The response to this framework presentation was so overwhelming that we’ve decided to share it publicly with all founders and GTM leaders.

Insight growth acceleration framework

Every metric in a business is load-bearing

At Insight Partners, our Onsite team offers guidance, blueprints, and expertise that entrepreneurs need to craft a sustainable and scalable business. We emphasize the need for a cross-functional framework that takes a company step-by-step through the execution of a new business, new product line, or entrance into a new geography.

Each element of this framework has detailed best practices and guidance at each stage of an organization’s scaling journey. By using the Growth Acceleration Framework and tapping into Insight’s operational expertise, our founders and executive teams have a framework to evaluate if they’re prepared to scale in meaningful ways, for example:

  • Enter new market opportunities
  • Launch new products or services
  • Expand into a new segment or vertical
  • Move forward with acquisitions that can accelerate growth

Insight understands the challenges inherent in building and scaling a business. Each day, we work with our portfolio company leaders to provide the guidance and support that will help make their vision a reality. Success lies in laying the right foundation, planning each step, constantly reviewing and adjusting that plan as needed, and having experienced partners who can help you think through and address any challenges. To give you an idea of the type of expertise our team can advise on, we’ve linked some of our most popular resources below.

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