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by the numbers

SaaS Sales Periodic Table: The best-in-class metrics ScaleUps need to measure success

Pablo Dominguez, Rohan Puranik | June 15, 2023| 1 min. read

Healthy growth for a SaaS company begins and culminates with an effective go-to-market strategy, as predictability and repeatability form the foundation of scalable success. At Insight, we harness our 25 years of investment experience and our exposure to ~500 groundbreaking software companies to gather and disseminate the quantitative keys to best-in-class sales.

We’re proud to update Insight’s SaaS Sales Periodic Table, fueled by the latest quarterly performance data from Insight’s diverse portfolio of both private and public SaaS companies. Remaining true to our commitment to accelerate growth and efficiency, we’re thrilled to offer this resource exclusively tailored to metrics that serve as the pulse of growth: sales.

How to use this periodic table

Immerse yourself in this interactive periodic table of metrics:

  • Select the ARR segment that best fits your business.
  • Click into a metric to see how best practices differ based on your ASP.
  • Each card contains the definition of the metric, and how to calculate it.

Data updated June 2023.

Scale up by the numbers: SaaS Sales KPIs from over 300 companies

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