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SaaS Marketing Periodic Table: Insights that guide exceptional marketing performance

Dustin Zaloom, Pax Kaplan-Sherman | June 27, 2024| 1 min. read
SaaS Marketing periodic table Duotone

Achieving sustainable growth for a SaaS company relies on a robust marketing strategy with predictability and repeatability as the cornerstones of scalable success. At Insight, we leverage 30 years of investment expertise, advising hundreds of innovative software companies to uncover and share the quantitative insights that drive exceptional marketing performance.

We are excited to introduce Insight’s SaaS Marketing Periodic Table, enriched by the most recent quarterly data from our diverse portfolio of private and public SaaS companies. Staying true to our mission of accelerating growth and efficiency, this resource is designed to highlight the marketing metrics that are critical to driving growth.

The benchmarks below are not meant to be targets, but instead a starting point for discussion. All companies are unique and should seek to improve performance regardless of where they measure against benchmarks.

How to use this periodic table

ScaleUp founders and leaders can use this interactive marketing periodic table as a visual gut check on the most top-of-mind metrics for their business.

  • Select the ARR segment that best fits your business.
  • Click into a metric to see how best practices differ based on your ASP.
  • Each card contains the definition of the metric, and how to calculate it.

In the interactive table, you will find Saas marketing benchmarks across marketing budget, program efficiency, people resourcing, and conversion rates for the most important marketing metrics to track.

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