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Harver Raises $8.1 Million to Kill The Résumé; Launches in U.S.

July 05, 2017| 1 min. read

NEW YORK CITY and AMSTERDAM  – Harver (https://harver.com), the HR technology company that replaces the resume, today announced the company has raised $8.1M USD in a Series A funding led by Insight Venture Partners, to scale global adoption of its AI-powered pre-selection platform, TalentPitch. TalentPitch seamlessly integrates with a company’s existing HR processes and systems, and uses predictive analytics to make the recruitment process smarter, faster and more successful. Today’s funding announcement brings the total amount of financing raised to date for Harver to $11.4 million USD, and follows a period of rapid global adoption of TalentPitch by blue chip customers, including Booking.com, Netflix, Zappos, OpenTable, Casper, Adecco and others.

Harver currently has clients across 13 countries and pre-selects job candidates in 42 languages. The company is also announcing its official launch into the U.S. market, with the opening of its first U.S. office in New York City. Harver replaces the resume and helps companies optimize ineffective and inaccurate hiring processes.

Harver’s TalentPitch is a modular platform that uses statistical and machine-learning technology to determine which applicants will perform best on the job. Companies match applicants’ skills and personalities with specific job requirements, while candidates self-select for the job using a variety of modules, including: knockout questions that help establish a fit from the start, company/culture video tour, real-life situational judgment tests, personality testing, intelligence testing, language testing, games that assess candidate skills and more. Candidates flow through the TalentPitch platform and get to know the hiring company in a fun, compelling way, while Harver’s algorithms gather relevant data and calculate a candidate’s propensity for success in the job role.

Harver is well positioned to become the global router for talent. The company’s AI-powered solution removes the traditional pain points for high volume workforce recruiting, including time, cost and qualified candidate selection. It also transforms recruitment for low entry jobs by automating the pre-selection process and mapping job seekers to the most relevant positions across any organization in the Harver universe. Uniquely differentiated, Harver collects real time, on-the-job performance data of hired candidates once TalentPitch is implemented. Harver uses this data to continuously improve the intelligence of the selection algorithm and to deliver unprecedented accuracy in matching candidates with jobs. TalentPitch is proven to reduce employee turnover up to 63 percent.

“Harver’s technology is a win-win for both employers and applicants by making sure there is a good fit for both sides, which naturally increases employee happiness and decreases attrition,” said Nicolas Wittenborn, vice president of Insight Venture Partners. “Seeing how the company has hit an inflection point by expanding from Europe to the U.S. and from one to many industries, we are very happy to partner with Harver's team and support the company’s growth going forward.”  

Harver’s TalentPitch also fosters goodwill among job applicants. The immersive nature of the system focuses on the applicant experience and treats every applicant equally. As a result, more than 85 percent of job applicants give TalentPitch a five out of five-stars rating. TalentPitch automates and streamlines recruitment across industries such as retail, hospitality, IT and customer service. The system uses predictive analytics to readily identify the best candidates out of thousands, reducing costs and increasing efficiency in the recruitment process as much as 90 percent.

“Resumes have become nearly obsolete at predicting the value and success of a potential candidate in most of today’s jobs,” said Harver CEO and founder, Barend Raaff. “Harver offers a fully automated recruitment solution grounded in big data that is completely agnostic to the job applicant, and our proprietary tests and algorithms have resulted in nearly 100 percent client retention to date. Harver represents a tectonic shift in the way that companies source, select and hire the ideal candidates – a world where both companies and candidates are no longer reliant on resumes and job descriptions.”

About Harver

Harver is an HR technology company that replaces the resume and increases efficiency and accuracy in the recruitment process. Harver’s proprietary AI-powered recruitment platform, TalentPitch, uses predictive analytics to make the recruitment process smarter, faster and more successful. TalentPitch improves the quality of the hiring match by accurately predicting a candidate’s aptitude and ability to succeed throughout their career. Harver also significantly reduces short-term employee turnover, increasing efficiency in the recruitment process as much as 90 percent. Harver currently has clients across 13 countries and pre-selects job candidates in 42 languages. The company’s list of blue-chip customers includes Booking.com, Zappos, Netflix, OpenTable, Casper, Xerox, Vodafone, Swisscom, Adecco, Randstad, Arvato and more. Founded in 2014, Harver is a privately held company headquartered in Amsterdam, with additional offices in London, Colombo, Sri Lanka, and now, NYC. Follow @HarverHRM on Twitter or LinkedIn, or learn more at https://harver.com.