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AWARD: 2023 Inc. Founder Friendly Investors

October 31, 2023| 1 min. read

Insight Partners has been named to Inc.’s 2023 Founder Friendly Investors list.*

Read the article and complete list of winners on Inc.’s website here.

* The award referenced herein is the opinion of the party conferring the award and not of Insight Partners. Mansueto Ventures, an independent third party that is not affiliated with Insight, issued the award. The time period upon which the award was based was 6/2022 – 6/2023. The award was given on 7/11/23. Insight paid a fee in connection with submitting its application. In general, the receipt of compensation influences, and is likely to present a potential material conflict of interest, relating to any granted award. Mansueto Venture’s recognition is not indicative of Insight’s future performance and was not based on evaluations of clients or investors of Insight. There can be no assurance that other providers or surveys would reach the same conclusion as the foregoing.