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Juneteenth Webinar: Voices with Vision

1 min. read

20/20 Vision Capital is Insight Partners’ fund of funds vehicle investing in diverse led early-stage venture funds. Our fireside chat with Samer Yousif on our Vision Capital team, Monique Woodard, founder of Cake Ventures and Brian Hollins, founder of Collide Capital discuss how they’re making an impact in venture capital to change the status quo. 


  • Black fund managers are having an outsized influence on the ecosystem, being more likely to back Black entrepreneurs and mentor underrepresented talent.
  • Demographic change is driving investment opportunities in areas such as aging and longevity, increased spending power of women, and the shift to majority minority.
  • Building a strong culture within the organization and portfolio is essential for success in venture capital.
  • Sponsorship and mentorship play a significant role in the fundraising process and the growth of fund managers.
  • Managing responsibilities as a GP involves wearing multiple hats, focusing on team building, and constantly learning and evolving.