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Investor’s POV: Mapping the Applied Generative AI Landscape

1 min. read

Insight has invested over $4B in AI since 2014. As the industry continues to take off, our investors have a thing or two to share. During this session, Managing Directors Lonne Jaffe and Praveen Akkiraju share their latest insights on how applied generative AI is transforming the future of tech.


Check out the key points we covered

Insight has been investing in AI for countless years, but with the rapid innovation taking place, how do you see the current AI landscape evolving?  arrow-orange-45
Where do you think value will accrue across the generative AI stack?  arrow-orange-45
What are some examples of how you are seeing “big tech” and portfolio companies incorporate generative AI products and tools?  arrow-orange-45
Given how quickly one can “spin up” a generative AI company, how do you think about product defensibility, the concept of moats, and the potential first-mover advantages/disadvantages? arrow-orange-45
How do you manage AI responsibly? What advice do you have for founders on how to build in data privacy, governance, and AI responsibility guardrails?  arrow-orange-45
What are some of the “unknowns” or debates you are seeing in the AI community?  arrow-orange-45