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What a Unicorn Knows: 5 Principles for Growth in 2023

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With the new pressures of the 2023 economy, founders are looking for ways to scale back while still being able to scale up.

Insight Partners hosted “What a Unicorn Knows: 5 Principles for Growth in 2023” to help SaaS leaders answer:

• What are the implications of the new economy, and how do they impact my business model?
• Which strategies are most important for sustainable growth?
• How do we shift our focus in 2023 and still hit our numbers?

Harnessing their deep expertise in growing B2B SaaS Startups, Insight Partners’ Matthew E. May and Pablo Dominguez will address these questions by applying the five principles from their soon-to-be-released book, What a Unicorn Knows. Join us for a snapshot of how to apply The Unicorn Model™ to your own startup.


Learn more about the newly released book: What a Unicorn Knows: How Leading Entrepreneurs Use Lean Principles to Drive Sustainable Growth.

Check out the key points we covered

Intro to the authors arrow-orange-45
3 goals for the session arrow-orange-45
Introduction to The Unicorn Model™ arrow-orange-45
Principle #1 - Strategic Speed arrow-orange-45
Principle #2 - Constant Experimentation arrow-orange-45
Principle #3 - Accelerated Value arrow-orange-45
Principle #4 - Lean Process arrow-orange-45
Principle #5 - Esprit de Corps arrow-orange-45

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